3D Printing Made Easy
for Supply Chain Teams

Identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing, digitize your inventory
and print parts on demand through a network of industrial-quality facilities.

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Virtual inventory and 3D printing for supply chain

An end-to-end and hassle-free solution

DiManEx offers an end-to-end platform that integrates with your supply chain workflow and helps you avoid hardware and tooling investments. We support the part identification, design, conversion and approval process, so you can collaborate with colleagues across departments. Once your design is approved, our platform automatically matches your order with the Additive Manufacturing partner that best matches your material specifications and needs. The end result? A part delivered where and when you need it. Hassle-free.

For procurement and supply chain professionals

Solve the dilemma of unpredictability and drive supply chain innovation. DiManEx reduces your TCO by digitizing your inventory and helping you launch and customize products without draining your CAPEX.

For quality assurance managers

Minimize risks while adhering to strict quality requirements. Implement a quality control process for a wide range of parts, so you can find a reliable solution for recurring supply challenges.

3D printing engineer

For engineers

Stop puzzling over legacy parts and bring new products to market faster. Our end-to-end service helps you solve engineering challenges and experiment with new manufacturing technologies.

September 16, 2020 in General

DiManEx introduces Business Targets to Help Companies Identify the Value of Digital Inventory More Quickly

DiManEx is making it even easier for customers to select the right parts to build their digital inventory, driven by business objectives like lead time improvement and inventory value reduction. The company’s new actionable insights dashboard, called Business Targets, is an extension of Supply Chain Inspector, DiManEx’s analytics engine. Just…
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Make optimal decisions based on your supply chain data

DiManEx Supply Chain Inspector uses semantic search, powered by machine learning, to help you identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing based on technical and supply chain data. Upload basic SKU information and assess the impact on your total supply chain costs to make optimal decisions.

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DiManEx Supply Chain Inspector
Use cases for 3D printing in supply chain

Solve supply chain issues immediately

Created by professionals with experience in supply chain management, the DiManEx platform helps you address supply chain issues throughout the manufacturing lifecycle. From securing parts for first series production to producing long tail/end of life components.

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A partner that supports you every step of the way

Identify the right parts for AM, based on technical and supply chain data.

Quality parts delivered, from top AM facilities in our network to your door.

Collaborate with colleagues in a secure way throughout the digital manufacturing process.

Customer spotlight: NS (Dutch Railways)

Find out how the Netherlands’ primary train operator optimized coach utilization by 3D printing legacy parts through DiManEx.

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Get parts produced in 2000+ available materials,
both plastic and metal

A selection of parts supplied through our platform

Stove knob

  • Material used: PA
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Painting
  • Lead time reduced by 4 weeks
  • Waste and excess stock prevented

Electronic frame

  • Material used: PA
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Dyeing
  • Availability secured
  • Thousands saved in tooling costs

Heat Cover

  • Material used: PEBA
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Dyeing
  • Availability secured
  • Waste and excess stock prevented

Air vent

  • Material used: PA
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Dyeing
  • €10,000+ saved in set up and tooling costs

Lock holder

  • Material used: PA
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Dyeing
  • Availability secured
  • Tooling costs averted

Metal hook

  • Material used: Aluminum
  • Technology: SLS
  • Post-processing: Machining
  • Lead time reduced by 6 months
  • No set up costs

Benefits our customers have achieved

Downtime reduction by 3D printing spare parts

Downtime reduction


Faster lead times

Less working capital for spare parts procurement

Working capital reduction

No minimum order quantities for spare parts

No Minimum Order Quantities

a solution to unpredictability in forecasting demand for spare parts

A solution to unpredictability

Less waste and miles travelled

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Our customers have seen up to 95% in savings per part when using our supply platform.

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