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DiManEx offers an end-to-end service for spare parts and small series
that helps you reduce material and financial waste in your supply chain

Virtual inventory and 3D printing for supply chain

Are you ready to create value in your supply chain
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About Dimanex

3D printing, and related advanced manufacturing techniques, present new solutions to existing supply chain dilemmas, like trimming excess inventory, increasing part availability, reducing CO2 emissions and cutting costs.

DiManEx provides a cloud-based, end-to-end service for distributed 3D manufacturing through a network of certified Additive Manufacturing partners. Ideal for manufacturers and parts intensive companies, our digital supply platform can be accessed anywhere in the world to produce industrial parts and small series with the click of a button. We are a partner you can trust, with a strong commitment to quality, IP security and traceability.

September 26, 2018 in Risk mitigation, Supply chain optimization

Mitigating Supply Chain Risk with Additive Manufacturing

Today demand unpredictability is a given. Chaos, the new normal. Whether it’s trade tariffs hitting you with new costs, natural disasters halting operations or critical events impacting suppliers, supply chain professionals must embrace the reality of the unexpected. In this article, I will explore how additive manufacturing (otherwise known as…
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Use cases for 3D printing in supply chain

When can you leverage our Digital Supply Platform?

We offer a solution for different challenges during the manufacturing lifecycle. You can work with us to 3D print small series, order spare and legacy parts on demand, and more.

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lower total cost of ownership with 3D printing

Cost-effective spare and legacy parts

supply chain cost reduction with 3D printing

Controlled small series production

Better for business and the environment

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Our customers have seen up to 95% in savings per part when using our supply platform.

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