Risk mitigation

Providing Protective 3D Printed Gear to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

protective gear covid 19 3d printing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, countries are racing to secure protective equipment. At DiManEx, we want to do our part to ensure personnel have the gear they need to safeguard themselves and halt the spread. That is why we are supplying several 3D printed products. We have scaled up capacity to produce thousands per day through our network of Additive Manufacturing partners. At the moment, we are supplying these products to a number of our customers, including Dutch Railways and the Royal Dutch Army.

Face shields, masks and ID holders for the Dutch military and police

The Dutch Army is supporting the Netherlands’ civil authorities in the fight against COVID-19, including deploying military doctors across the country. The Army is no stranger to 3D printing. They have an Additive Manufacturing Expertise Center internally to produce 3D printed gear and they work with us to secure spare parts and components. In these times of crisis, we are helping them scale up production as well. At the moment, we are supplying them with AM-produced face shields, face masks and ID holders.

protective gear covid 19 3d printing

With ID holders, police agents don’t need to have contact with citizens when they present their passport or ID card. Similarly, any military personnel assisting the health ministry in the transport of patients will have the protection they need with the face shield and mask.

Image source: Dutch Ministry of Defence

Protection for Dutch Railways workers

Dutch Railways is also working with us to procure face masks for their employees. It’s important to ensure all essential workers are protected as travellers start making their way into trains.

Exhalation mask

Image source: FIT

If you have other ideas for protective equipment or need to secure gear for your organization, please contact us. We are here to help.