DiManEx introduces Business Targets to Help Companies Identify the Value of Digital Inventory More Quickly

By September 16, 2020 No Comments

DiManEx is making it even easier for customers to select the right parts to build their digital inventory, driven by business objectives like lead time improvement and inventory value reduction. The company’s new actionable insights dashboard, called Business Targets, is an extension of Supply Chain Inspector, DiManEx’s analytics engine.

Just like Supply Chain Inspector, Business Targets are dynamic. The dashboard allows the user to configure variables for lead time reduction and inventory value optimization potential and thereby make informed decisions about which parts to digitize for 3D printing. Users can also focus on supply chain risk reduction using the dashboard.

Minimizing supply chain risks

In this uncertain time, companies are hard-pressed to build a more flexible supply chain. Disruptions caused by COVID-19 have put supplier relationships to the test. Parts delays and component shortages have also significantly impacted operations for manufacturers. Yet, it’s not just pandemics that pose challenges. Other constraints caused by tariffs, extreme weather events and geopolitical tensions combined with “the recent rise of customization,” as McKinsey explains, can upend “even the most efficient supply chains.” The result of these disruptions is more unpredictability, and therefore fulfillment becomes harder to plan. DiManEx offers a solution that is disruption-proof, as companies can secure supply in a fully digitized workflow and platform.

Adrian Simion, Software Engineer at DiManEx, says: “Business Targets builds upon existing functionalities found in Supply Chain Inspector, like Semantic Search, and makes use of modern technologies like AI and Machine Learning to provide meaningful observations based on existing data. One of the main advantages of this new feature is that the insights are computed in real-time and the potential benefits become more accurate as the completeness and the quality of the data improves.”

“Business Targets is a feature we developed in close collaboration with customers, driven by their supply chain objectives. With the actionable insights, we’ve made it even easier to assess the supply chain optimization opportunities offered by digital inventory as part of our end-to-end platform,” adds DiManEx CEO, Tibor van Melsem Kocsis. “Advanced algorithms in the back end translate into friendly visualizations in the front that let users reduce inventory levels and lead times. They can then digitize critical parts to mitigate risk and optimize their supply chains, from customer service, total cost of supply and environmental point of view.”

Supply Chain Inspector dashboard

See the platform in action

Business Targets is a feature within DiManEx’s end-to-end platform, which also supports part digitization, quality control, printing and on-demand delivery, enabling you to collaborate with colleagues across departments in a single workflow. Once a part design is digitized and approved, it is added to a virtual library of parts. You can then place orders as needed. The platform automatically matches each order with the Additive Manufacturing Partner in DiManEx’s global network that best matches the part’s material specifications and your needs. DiManEx handles the shipping through its network and delivers the part to your door, providing tangible value every day.

Request a demo to see it in action and evaluate the potential for your supply chain.