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How to optimise the Supply Chain in the Rail Industry

Produce and organise Spare Rail Parts in a new way!

Roboze and DiManEx, for the past few years, have been developing a synergy aimed at advancing additive manufacturing in their various target industries, with the aim of accelerating the digital transition of production.

Although the railway sector is among the sectors that have suffered most from the effect of global pandemic on its supply chain, it is seeing strong growth in the application of new digitisation and production technologies in the railway industry, to address this impact and evolve towards a more future proof and optimised supply chain of spare parts.

However, it is clear that industry players need to intensify their efforts to implement digital technologies, such us 3D printing, that promote optimisation of development, production and maintenance costs and processes.

The focus of this webinar:

  • Overview of major industry challenges
  • The role of Digitisation and 3D Printing in addressing these
  • What are the steps to be taken
  • Roboze’s industrial 3D printing approach
  • Case studies

About DiManEx

DiManEx’s end-to-end platform re-invents your supply chain, eliminating unnecessary transport, costs and waste. The company provides 3D printing as a Service, enabling you to produce parts on-demand and closer to the end user. This increases flexibility and speed in your product life cycle. It improves your environmental footprint, reduces supply chain risks, and helps you save costs on materials, logistics and stock keeping units (SKUs).

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Helps innovators throughout the world transform their ideas into components and projects that affect our daily lives in sectors requiring extraordinary performance. Roboze 3D printing technology for super polymers and composites helps manufacturing companies worldwide create a more efficient production process to develop cutting-edge products. Through our technology, we have helped thousands of companies in over 25 countries produce in an efficient and customised way. Together, with our customers and partners, we are at the forefront of a new industrial revolution. One that is sustainable and future oriented.

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