Dimanex Partners with AMC Bridge to Empower Digital Transformation in Additive Manufacturing for the Supply Chain

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Utrecht, The Netherlands — Dimanex, an end-to-end, AI-driven, additive manufacturing (AM) platform–based service and AMC Bridge, a global software development consultancy, announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize supply chain management, from inventory data management to 3D printing.

On-demand supply chain solution
In the present era of data-driven manufacturing, the importance of end-to-end integration and operational efficiency cannot be overstated. Unless manufacturers have all the required data and connections in the digital workflow, any benefits from AM are just as unpredictable as the physical supply chain. Dimanex has connected all these necessary parts and, together with AMC Bridge, can provide an integrated and predictable on-demand supply chain solution.

Dimanex’s AI-driven AM platform leverages machine learning–based analytics to help customers identify the right parts eligible for on-demand manufacturing and for re-engineering using the supply chain and technical data. Its analytics even provide for the business cases justifying the application and scaling of AM.

Proven track record
Complementing this, AMC Bridge, a global software development consultancy serving engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries, has a proven track record in multivendor engineering software integration, especially related to CAD, simulation, AM, and product lifecycle management (PLM) applications.

This partnership of experts will allow manufacturers to make business-driven decisions about integrating on-demand AM into their supply chain options.

Customers can expect the following benefits of this partnership:
• Seamless connection of the Dimanex platform with their systems.
• Integration with their PLM and engineering design environment, customized for their specific requirements.
• Increased options and faster decision-making in the product life cycle.
• Ability to leverage the benefits of AM in their supply chain faster.
• Saving time and costs on materials and logistics.

Dimanex and AMC Bridge will attend:
• Rapid.Tech, May 14–16 in Erfurt, Germany.
• inNOWvate Supply Chain Event 2024, May 22 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

During these industry events, attendees will be able to see a demonstration of the Dimanex platform and discuss integration possibilities with AMC Bridge. For customers interested in exploring the benefits of this solution but unsure where to start, we offer a simple four-step process:

1. Explore possible requirements to see what the benefits could be.
2. Try a manual import into the system and see the results.
3. Build a prototype integration based on the knowledge possessed by AMC Bridge and DiManEx’s partner support with their platform.
4. Build a business case for the benefits of full integration.

Pieter Ruijssenaars, CEO of Dimanex, mentioned: ‘We’re on a mission to convert traditional supply chains into future-proof, digital supply chains, which is better for our Earth and for your business. Together with AMC Bridge, we will be able to help our customers benefit faster and in a more scalable manner from the significant advantages a digital supply chain can bring them. The partnership with AMC Bridge is a compelling and logical step to help both our mutual customers and software partners.’

‘For too long, additive manufacturing has been a solution looking for a problem. Engineers and sourcing agents have stuck to traditional production methods because of the investment costs and unclear returns from including additive. Dimanex, in partnership with AMC Bridge, allows manufacturers to evaluate the benefits before making a big commitment and scale up, piece by piece, as they see the returns,’ said Andy Parnell-Hopkinson, AMC Bridge Director of Business Development in Europe.

About Dimanex
Dimanex is an end-to-end, AI-driven, AM platform–based service. Our supply chain analytics make it effortless to identify and justify 3D printable components within your portfolio. It also quantifies the benefits in terms of time, cost, and sustainability effects.

About AMC Bridge
AMC Bridge is a global software development consultancy serving engineering, manufacturing, and construction industries. Since 1999, we have enabled digital transformation for our clients by creating custom software solutions that eliminate data silos, connect complex applications, unlock internal innovation, and democratize cutting-edge technologies.

AMC Bridge’s software development experts use extensive experience with APIs of the majority of engineering software solutions and platforms, as well as in-depth knowledge of computational geometry, 3D visualization, and other advanced technologies, to solve our clients’ critical business needs. For more information, visit