3D Printing First Series for New Product Introductions

How Additive Manufacturing helps you speed up time to market and prevent unnecessary costs

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What’s the challenge?

When developing new products, teams are often under time pressure to secure parts. They struggle with last minute design changes, longer lead times and tooling investments, with limited flexibility in traditional manufacturing techniques. On top of that, delayed tooling may hold up the launch of new products.

How can DiManEx help?

DiManEx offers an end-to-end solution that integrates with your supply chain workflow and helps you avoid premature hardware and tooling investments. We offer you a one-stop-shop to produce parts using a wide array of materials and digital manufacturing techniques, helping you speed up time to market and prevent unnecessary costs. Work with us to maximize your design potential with AM and make changes to your design as needed, at a fraction of the cost required by traditional suppliers.

Get everything under one roof:

  • Part identification based on technical specs and supply chain data
  • Part review to determine part printability and reverse or re-engineering when needed
  • Parts approval, according customer specifications
  • All available Additive Manufacturing and post processing technologies
  • 2000+ materials, both plastic and metal
  • Production at the closest possible location in our global network
  • Delivery to your front door
  • faster-lead-times-for-spare-parts

    How we sped up first series production for Lightyear

    The Lightyear One is the world’s first long-range solar car. In their prototyping stage, Lightyear collaborated with DiManEx to secure more than 60 3D printed parts for the car’s interior. Lightyear provided the designs and DiManEx supplied the parts through its global network of top quality additive manufacturing partners. Being a prototype, some changes were required in several parts. The use of Additive Manufacturing made it possible to incorporate these changes quickly at a much lower cost than through traditional production. The first series was secured much faster without minimum order quantities. There was no investment in tooling or tied up working capital required.


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