Cost-effective spare and legacy parts for a leading transport company

Why stock parts to meet uncertain demand at such a high expense for your company and the environment? Virtual stock offers a better way. A transport company worked with us to produce a part that was no longer available. Reengineering the part and producing it through our platform resulted in a 6x lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

supply chain cost reduction with 3D printing

Controlled small series production for an original equipment manufacturer

Producing small series is also challenging. It’s difficult for engineers to combine design complexity with speed at an acceptable cost. Failure to meet expectations, in turn, results in customer disappointment and loss of market potential. We help our customers build a more agile supply chain to uphold and improve their customer service. An OEM company worked with us for customized small series production. The result was a TCO that was 30% lower and shorter time to market; all parts were delivered worldwide within 2 weeks.

Better for business and the environment

Imagine a virtual warehouse of part designs that can be printed on demand, without the associated costs of offshore production, storage, and multi-stage distribution. This can decrease your level of inventory and waste dramatically. Furthermore, parts are manufactured closer to where they are needed, resulting in a reduction of inbound logistics and thereby a lower environmental footprint.

Why DiManEx?

Where investment and risk were highest, we now have a digital supply solution which improves financial performance and time to market, reduces risk and lowers your environmental footprint.

Companies across industries are working with us to build a smarter supply chain.
Here's why:

 Supply Chain Insights

Gain a unique understanding of how Additive Manufacturing and related technologies can improve supply chain performance.

 Technology Agnostic

We offer a diversity of advanced manufacturing possibilities to best suit your needs and integrate with your ERP and other systems.


Our extensive ecosystem of Additive Manufacturing partners helps you get parts where and when you need them all over the world.

 End-to-End service

We offer a complete digital supply chain service, including part selection, storage, ordering, manufacturing and shipping. All under one contract by a trusted supplier.

 One stop shop

A single place to select parts, review and store part designs, place orders on demand and get the parts ordered anywhere you like.


From design to manufacturing and delivery, our service is quality assured.

Start building a smarter supply chain today!

Our platform offers an end-to-end service that enables you to build a virtual warehouse, allowing you to supply any part, anywhere.

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