How DiManEx distributed 3D manufacturing works

We help you build a smarter digital supply chain.

Our end-to-end service makes it possible to digitize and streamline your supply chain. Instead of mass-producing parts, then warehousing and transporting them, 3D printing and related advanced manufacturing techniques allow you to produce parts on-demand and closer to the end user. This increases flexibility and speed in your product lifecycle. It improves your environmental footprint and helps you save costs on materials, logistics and stock keeping units (SKUs).

Before you get started, identifying, ranking and selecting the right parts is crucial. Our expertise and software help you do that. We provide a thorough analysis which will help you identify how additive manufacturing can optimize your supply chain. Once you’ve selected the right parts, we’ll make sure they are print-ready and assign their production to the Additive Manufacturing Partner in our network that best matches your needs and specifications.

Secure data import & aggregation

First, we aggregate data from various sources to run advanced analytics and accelerate part identification. Your data is safe with us. Our software is engineered to protect your intellectual property and meet the industry’s highest security standards.

Import supply chain data
Printability score for spare parts

Evaluate supply chain optimization potential

Visualize and evaluate supply chain data (e.g. minimum order quantities, stock locations, etc) as well as technical information (e.g. materials, technical dimensions, and tolerance, among other data points) to make the most informed decisions and determine which parts are eligible for Additive Manufacturing.

Prepare and approve the design

Within our platform, a seamless collaboration tool supports the design conversion and internal review process. After this, we send you a sample for approval. We also provide reverse engineering, 3D scanning and re-engineering services to customers who need to adjust their designs or create them from scratch.

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Approve 3D designs
Order parts on demand

Place your order

As soon as a part is approved for on demand manufacturing, authorized users in your team can easily place, track and report on orders. Repeating orders and ordering small series from your virtual stock library is seamlessly done with the click of a button.

Get the best Manufacturing Partner

Our platform matches your order with the Additive Manufacturing Partner that best matches your material specifications and needs. We also ensure that your parts get produced at the partner that is closest to the delivery location. Through our partners, we provide access to a variety of technologies and materials:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • CNC
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Silicon Moulds
Smart routing solution for distributed 3D manufacturing
3D printing quality control

Rely on our quality assurance

We have institutionalized quality assurance in our partner selection process and in the manufacturing of each part. All of our Additive Manufacturing Partners are compliant with the ISO9001 standard. We also perform regular audits to ensure consistency and reliability in every order.

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Get parts delivered to your door

Through our global network of Additive Manufacturing Partners, you can get the ordered part anywhere in the world.

Ready to get these results?

Our customers saved up to 30% in costs by 3D printing small series.

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