Creating print-ready files

We offer 3D engineering and reengineering services to customers as part of an automated workflow. You can rely on our end-to-end service to redesign parts, convert or verify designs to ensure that they can be produced through our platform.

Design validation

Our design verification service checks the integrity of part designs, evaluating the availability and correctness of data in the STL/3MF file. In case we find incorrect or missing data, we can repair the file to ensure that the part can be correctly printed to spec.

Data file conversion and creation

We are also able to convert design data into a correct and printable STL/3MF file. Customers can rely on our service to:

  • Convert 3D CAD files into STL/3MF files
  • Convert images or 2D files into STL/3MF files
  • Scan an existing part and use the scan data to create an STL/3MF file


In case a part needs to be re-designed or reengineered, we offer the possibility to transform part designs to guarantee that they are correctly produced using Additive Manufacturing. Form, fit and function are guaranteed.

Need to re-engineer your parts to meet today's shifting supply chain demands?

One of our customers improved their TCO by 600% by redesigning a part and producing it with our end-to-end service.

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