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mitigate-supply chain risk - coronavirus

Many of us are currently experiencing the impact of a pandemic on several aspects of our lives; personal health, relationships, work and the impact on your customers’ business. More and more companies are struggling to secure service parts and components for small series due to severe supply chain disruptions. In…

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DiManEx joins Mobility Goes Additive

mobility goes additive

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the MGA (Mobility Goes Additive) network as members. MGA is an international network focusing on the possibilities of additive manufacturing (3D printing), enabling companies, research institutes and institutions to exchange experiences in the industry. The network provides know-how transfer, training, joint…

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3D printing as a means for supply chain optimization: learnings from NS, Eurostar and the Dutch Ground Forces

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has come a long way since it originated in the 1980s and is set to become an industry worth $55.8 billion by 2027. Today, companies across industries are leveraging the technology to drive supply chain optimization, in particular when it comes to streamlining the supply…

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