Supply Chain Inspector

Supply Chain Inspector uses semantic search, powered by machine learning algorithms, to help you identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing. The solution draws on supply chain and technical data to assess parts’ printability and pinpoint those that are ideal candidates for digital inventory.

What makes Supply Chain Inspector different?

Unlike stand-alone inventory management tools, Supply Chain Inspector is part of our end-to-end platform. The analytics engine enriches your supply chain data with 3D printing capabilities and helps you make optimal decisions. You can leverage it to identify the right parts for Additive Manufacturing, digitize your inventory and trigger workflows to get parts delivered, when and where you need them. Read about our platform.

Make decisions based on your data


Easily upload your data file and view enriched data points per part to uncover when 3D printing provides optimization opportunities.

Drill Down Data

Drill-down with filters to identify priority areas and take action immediately.

Data-Based Insights

Use data-based insights as a common language to facilitate collaboration across departments.

Tackle Supply Chain Issues

Tackle immediate supply issues, anticipate future problems

  • Bring products to market faster with parts secured on-demand
  • Avoid excess stock
  • Discover a solution to demand unpredictability
  • Get parts delivered faster and minimize downtime for aging assets
  • Avoid high lifecycle costs
Discover common use cases

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Find your Additive Manufacturing use case and cut down on waste and costs.

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