Our commitment

DiManEx products and services are all designed to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Achieve your sustainability goals with DiManEx’s End to End Platform and Services for Additive Manufacturing.

Henk Jonker COO & co-founder: “At DiManEx we like to see that all we do contributes to a much more sustainable world. DiManEx enables company’s transitions from traditional supply chains based on the movement of physical goods, to a digital and sustainable supply chain.”

Additive manufacturing applied in supply chains can reduce waste and CO2 emission significantly. Producing (printing) parts locally and on demand will reduce the amount of parts produced and will reduce the global transport miles.

Additive manufacturing enables companies to use the latest technical innovations to achieve using less and sustainable materials during the production (printing) process

R-ladder of circularity

The PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency set up a circularity ladder, the so-called R-ladder, in which various strategies are described that contribute to a reduced use of new resources. This R-ladder can be used to ‘measure’ the circularity of supply chains, production, and parts handling.

DiManEx offers products and services that to a certain extend contribute to all levels in the R-ladder, with emphasis on the highest levels.

The DiManEx global platform and services directly contribute to the R-ladder strategies: less parts produced, smarter production, local production, less transport, less material used, replace traditional material with sustainable material.