The DiManEx services directly contribute to less production and less ordering of parts, less material used,
less CO2 emission, replace traditional material with sustainable material and reusing old parts.

Data Management & Analytics

· Extract, generate and aggregate data from 2D and 3D files and PLMs

· Customer data based analysis and insights for decision making

· Part 3D printability and economic feasibility selection

· Defining Total Cost of Ownership business cases for printing of parts


· Create a digital twin of the physical parts in a digital library

· Conversion of different drawings (2D, 3D) into printable files

· 3D scanning of physical parts to create a digital twin

· A digital passport allowing parts to be printed anywhere with quality

Engineering & Manufacturing

·Design for AM services to make parts stronger, cheaper, from assembly to mono, less complex, print in circular materials

· Global sourcing of AM parts with 1,115 suppliers in 3,000 materials, to print local and reduce transport, reducing CO2 emission

Direct benefits to a more sustainable supply chain:

· Data provides for insights into what, when,where, how much to print

· Produce only parts you actually need

· Reduce transport and CO2 emission

· Repair or refurbish parts instead of producing new

· Design to extend the lifespan of products

· Design parts to use less and more sustainable material

· Re-design parts to optimise quality and make reuse possible

· Use partners with a recycle process in place to reuse materials