Use cases

Reduce Excess Stock

Print needed amount of parts on demand. No MOQ (minimum order quantity). No excess stock.

Via the DiManEx platform a customer analysed the data of 14.000 SKU’s. Analyses showed the Average Annual Usage per SKU and the amount hold in stock. This enabled the customer to calculate the potential number of parts which would not have been purchased if these were printed on demand in the needed amount.

Calculated benefits: 109.574 kg material reduction

The high-performance plastic polyamide 11 (PA 11) is made from 100% renewable castor beans.

DfS (Design for Sustainability) by DfAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing)

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is the art, science and skill to design for manufacturability using 3D printers. Different from traditional manufacturing, this additive design process empowers engineers to create more intricate shapes and production parts while reducing weight and material consumption.

DiManEx customer has selected a assembly part highly complex in handling and maintenance. Traditional material: metal.

With the DiManEx services this part was redesigned into a mono part to be 3D printed using a re-enforced plastic

Calculated benefits:
· Simplified design
· use a sustainable plastic which can be recycled for subsequent use
· Price reduction up to 50%
· MOQ reduction: 25
· Stock reduction
· Lead time reduction: 60 days

Transport miles reduction by local production

DiManEx provides access to our 3D Additional Manufacturing partners global network

DiManEx customer operates across 3 continents with a central warehouse in USA. The customer selected 1.000 SKU’s used for business within Europe. Via the DiManEx platform the customer locally printed these parts and only on demand, no MOQ.

Calculated benefits:
· Cost reduction
· Lower lead time
· Transport reduction in one month 48.000 km’s