Use cases for 3D printing in supply chain

When to use our service

What are the use cases for 3D manufacturing in supply chain? DiManEx customers benefit from our cloud-based service throughout the Manufacturing Life Cycle (MLC). We’ve identified 3 phases in the MLC where we can add value:

 First series production (A)

With a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and shorter lead times.

 Mass customization (B)

With shorter time to market, no minimum order quantities and production near the assembly location.

 Long tail / end of life (C)

A solution for legacy parts that helps you avoid obsolescence and eliminate unnecessary logistics, lowering your total cost of ownership, improving customer service and driving sustainability by reducing waste and miles traveled. Your parts will no longer retire!

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Common use cases

 Supplying spare parts for aging assets

Aging assets often suffer downtimes due to spare part supply issues. 3D printing can help you address these problems quickly.

 Avoiding excess stock

Companies tend to overstock in order to keep components available, but this often results in scrapping and waste. 3D printing offers a better way. 

 Tackling demand unpredictability

Predicting demand is difficult in today’s volatile world. Why struggle with unpredictability when you can produce components only when you need them? 

 Minimizing lifecycle costs

Some assets have a high lifecycle cost. Embedding AM in your supply chain is an attractive alternative to avoid steep repair costs. 

maintenance and repair aging assets