Take a Bold Step Today! Join us as Supply Chain Business Developer

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Job posting - Supply chain business developer

We know. You’re thinking: what kind of job ad is this? And why is joining them a bold step?

I’ll tell you in a minute, but charge your cell phone, cause after reading this, you will call us right away.

So, the idea is that you’d be working with the rest of us in making our customers crazy with enthusiasm, while enjoying the ride with the team. The team is awesome, with Nour from Egypt, Adrian from Romania, Gloria from Uruguay and Michel from Belgium, just to name a few of our stars! Yeah, we do have an office in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but if it wasn’t for the get togethers once in a while to celebrate something, we would actually cancel the rental contract, cause it’s all remote.

You’ve probably heard about 3D printing, right? Well, we kind of work with that, but in a cool, completely different and even more successful way. And yes, what we do is established and growing rapidly, so we really need your help here. What will you do if you join us? You’ll be visiting customers frequently, helping them use our platform more and explaining how to use our really unique analytics to improve their supply chain dramatically. You will also handle the orders they place and ensure fulfillment is as expected. In the process, you’ll have fun with the rest of the team, teach us your effective way of working, tell us about your favorite sports, challenge our ambition, visit our different partners abroad, come up with even greater ideas than we’ve had so far or organize a cool team event.

Of course, if you want to be part of our star team, you need to bring something to the table as well. So, show us that you have a couple of years of Supply Chain project management experience under your belt. Prove you have the power of conviction and the motivation to help our customers succeed. Would be awesome if you have worked with platforms like ours, but even greater if you can actually show you get the work done!

If you’re thinking: “Why would joining all of THAT be a bold step? That would just be a great job & place to work.” You’re right. It is. And if you’re that good, joining us can actually be rather easy.

But, let’s be honest. You have to show you’ve got initiative and ideas that you then follow through. You’ll have to get used to working with blunt Dutchies and polite Egyptians. You’ll (eventually) have to travel to Italy, the US or any other great country, and go that extra mile to make our customers happy. It’s a ‘tough’ job, we know. But somebody’s got to do it- will you?

Oh, by the way, we like you the way you are. So, casual oR more business-like, be who you are. We all are unique individuals and that is actually what makes working with us the most fun.
You’ll see for yourself once you talk to us, promise!

See? I told ya

Call one of us, go on…..!

Pieter – he’s the guy that takes care of these kinds of hiring processes, so be kind to him.
0031 6 517 234 61
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Henk – he’s the guy you’ll be working with more closely and the one you need to challenge most, but also be even more kind to.
0031 6 12 92 24 25
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