Quality is our motto

We work with certified partners and select them based on an industry-based approval process. We also have back to back agreements in place to guarantee quality and consistency in every order. Our quality control service includes:

  • A material certificate
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Statistical process control
  • System and process audits

Depending on the parts and their functional requirements, we can also provide mechanical testing.

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Partner selection

Our Additive Manufacturing Partners are carefully selected and vetted. To join our network, they must comply with the ISO 9001 Quality Management standard. Other standards, such as ISO 13485 (for medical devices), AS9100 (for aerospace parts), and ISO/TS 16949 (for automotive service parts) may also apply.


Our Additive Manufacturing Partners have gone through an initial verification audit. We also perform regular checks on our partners’ documentation, to make sure all documents are traceable and controlled. We audit post-processing and process standards, machine calibration and equipment maintenance. We also perform checks on material certification. Our partners’ suppliers must possess the right certificates to ensure their materials match our quality requirements.   

Order quality

To ensure order quality, we ask customers to review each part design before it’s submitted for printing. The data used to produce each part is securely stored to ensure that process parameters stay the same, thereby ensuring repeatable outcomes. We provide an initial sample to ensure the part meets the customer’s expectations and we inspect each part’s visual and dimensional components. We can also perform mechanical tests upon request.

Order parts on demand
Printability score for spare parts

Performance and feedback

Last but certainly not least, gathering feedback is crucial to measure performance. This allows us to report on performance over time and develop improvement programs.